June 18th, 2020

Executive Committee 

Glenn Smith
Chairman of the Board

Ella Fong

Board of Directors

Jason Beudert
Tom Coughlin
Michael Kennedy
Lori Gregg
Dale Hlavin
Grace Leon
Jim Long
Monica Robins
Dori Kish
Ray Marvar
Jeff Rolf
John Kikol
Agents of Change Campaign Liaisons
Mike Kennedy


There are several teams that work diligently to make this organization effective and beneficial.  We invite you to join one or more of the committees as your valuable input is welcome and encouraged.

If you are interested in joining or assisting the any please email: membership@fbiclecaaa.org

Public Engagement

This team develops, coordinates and executes educational events for graduates and FBICLECAAA members as well as large-scale public events such as the Home Town Heroes Event designed to honor and reward local citizens for their acts of bravery and kindness.


Co-Chair: John Kikol and Jeffrey Rolf

This team promotes membership in the FBICLECAAA through events and communication.

Community Service

Chair: Grace Leon

Ambassadors to local communities in planning and executing volunteer projects that benefit area communities.


Co-Chairs: Tom Coughlin, Marjorie Sutton

This team creates and executes plans to raise money through grants, sponsorships, fundraising campaigns, and member donations.

Youth Outreach

Chair: Dr. Jim Long

This team plans and executes events and member involvement at community events that educate youth about leadership, cyber safety, physical safety, and law enforcement interaction.

Founding Members

Jesse Berencsi
Chia-Min Chen
Louise P. Dempsey
Ella Fong
Kuan-Foung Fong
Cheryl D. French
James E. Goodwin
Bob Grace
Bruce Hennes

Stanley Jaffe
Allan Krulak
Cathy Lewis-Wright
Carol D. Payto
Raymond Pierce
Stephen D. Williger

Community Outreach Specialist – Linda Schmidt

Code of Regulations (FBI Cleveland Citizens Academy Alumni Association) amended December 5, 2016